After 30 years in the making, Web 3.0 is here. The impacts are huge in every sector of the economy and our lives. From blockchain, AI, and APIs, to Apps for everything, Web 3.0 delivers disruption to the avant gard and holds the promise of a truly interconnected future. 3.0 ventures aims to create truly disruptive companies that leverage Web 3.0 technology.

Our portfolio:

FHIRFLY – FHIRFLY is a healthcare information technology that focuses on delivering interoperable healthcare data, apis, and apps

Cert.Health is a Digital Health Certificate platform that enables digital credentials to be issued, held, and verfied.

Pub.Health is an online resource dedicated to help Public Health Authorities and People with Information Technology.

Log.Space is a blockchain API that allows any app to log data to the etherium block.

Noting.Life is an app that allows user to organize their possessions.

AdversarialSOC is a compliance service that aims to support testing of Physical, Logical, and Systems controls in web based environments